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XANO Industrier AB förvärvar...

Gott nytt år!

Jimmy Lignell är produktionschef på Blowtech group i Gnosjö.

Jimmy hoppas på ännu mer utveckling

On the Blowtech group

Blowtech are specialists in the blow molding of plastic. We welcome all customers who have a need to produce plastic items containing a hollow space of any particular shape. When this is the case, blow molding is the natural choice.

Blowtech Group was started in the 1960s and today has two factories; one in Gnosjo Sweden and the other in Kongsvinger, Norway.

Blowtech embodies the Gnosjo spirit which means that our customers are at the forefront of what we do. We treat everyone as equals, are driven by the joy of production and always do our best to find the most cost effective and high quality production solutions.